Why Are Truck Accidents Devastating?

A big truck cruising in the lane adjacent may make you more cautious. The sheer size of it is intimidating while in your sedan and makes you feel like you may be part of a monster truck show. When a semi-truck winds up in a collision, the results are often deadly. Take a look at some of the reasons why crashes involving big trucks are so much more dangerous than almost any other kind.

The Truck Is Much Larger Than Other Vehicles

The top reason for a semi crash being so devastating is because of the weight and size of the tractor. When a truck loses control on the road and impacts with other vehicles, the force is increased by the mass of it. Even when trucks are not moving as fast as cars might be in the same scenario, they can hit harder because of the weight. If a tractor is fully loaded, other factors may come into play. Depending on the details of the crash, the load may roll over or jackknife, causing a greater impact with more vehicles.

A Semi Causes Subsequent Crashes

There is usually not an accident that just involves one truck and one vehicle, especially if other cars are present. When a semi is involved in a crash, there are usually other vehicles involved, either in that primary collision or in subsequent ones. Cars may collide when trying to stop short of impacting the semi or when one is trying to avoid impact. Other times, the semi may be moving sideways through lanes, not giving vehicles much of a chance to avoid being hit. With more vehicles affected, there is a greater chance of catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

The Type of Collisions Make a Difference

Much like vehicle crashes, how a truck collides is just as important to the damage it inflicts. A semi careening out of control due to a loss of brake functionality, for instance, is far more dangerous than one where the driver is momentarily distracted. When the brakes go out, there is little chance of the driver recovering before striking other cars. If the driver is distracted, though, there is more of an opportunity to leave other vehicles unscathed. A semi driver forced to apply their brakes suddenly may also end up doing severe damage to those around as this sudden shift in speed may cause the trailer to move sideways across lanes of traffic. This often causes multiple impacts with vehicles, increasing the likelihood of serious outcomes.

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Thanks to The Morales Law Firm for their insight into how truck accidents can be devastating and the importance of hiring a lawyer if you are in a truck accident.