What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

You probably don’t expect to be in a motorcycle accident; many people ride for years and never get hurt. However, when you’re prepared for an accident, you can take steps to protect yourself.

Get Medical Treatment First 

After an accident, stay calm. If you’re in an accident, the first thing you need to do is get out of the road where other drivers can’t hurt you. Keep in mind that you may need to keep your neck or spine protected. Don’t remove your protective gear. Call 911 to report your injuries and get medical attention. Make sure to tell the operator that you were on a motorcycle. Regardless of how you feel, get medical attention. If you were on a motorcycle, you have a greater risk of organ damage or internal bleeding.

The Scene of the Accident 

Try to get a trusted friend to take pictures of the accident if possible. Don’t leave the scene until the police arrive. Even if you aren’t injured and the accident wasn’t your fault, leaving the scene of an accident can lead to prosecution. The only exception is if the medical personnel transport you. If you can’t get pictures, try to make some notes about the accident when you’re able. Think about the weather and traffic conditions to help you follow up later. Save all documentation from the accident and any medical bills.

Once You Get Settled 

Taking care of yourself should be your primary concern. After the accident, you will want to contact your insurance company, even if you weren’t at fault. Your insurance needs to know about the accident to protect a claim against you. You can ask your insurance company about your coverage to know what steps to take next.

You shouldn’t talk to an adjuster from the other insurance company until you discuss your case with an experienced lawyer and your own insurance company. Keep detailed records of any conversation. How you proceed will depend on the severity of your injuries and how well the other insurance company cooperates.

Should You Talk to a Lawyer? 

Making the decision to speak with a lawyer can give you peace of mind in handling the aftermath of the accident. If you have serious injuries or complications, you should probably at least discuss your case with a motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in Rochester, MN, to know that you’re getting the best advice based on knowledge and experience with the law and motorcycle accidents.


Thanks to Johnston Martineau, PLLP for their insight into what needs to be done after being in a motorcycle accident.