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Charges Out Of State

Premises Liability

As a personal injury lawyer who often works with injuries caused by criminal activity can tell you, when you and your friends make plans to take trips, the last thing you expect is to run into some sort of legal trouble. Unfortunately, these things can happen very unexpectedly according to our friends with The Lynch Law Group. To make matters worse, if you are not from the city you or your friends incurred criminal charges in, it is very likely that you are unaware of its laws — as premises liability lawyers can also attest to since their job is to work on injuries and charges based on a person’s location. This happens quite often in the city of Atlanta and its surrounding cities, Atlanta is a very popular destination for tourists to visit on a daily basis and year round. From historic sites, restaurants you will never forget, amusement parks, and the southern hospitality, Atlanta has plenty for someone to do, which means there is also plenty of trouble to get into as well.

Sometimes, tourists get into trouble here and having a night out on the town can lead down the wrong path. Not understanding the local laws and ordinances can unfortunately lead to arrests. This can cause undue stress on everyone involved. Many times if you are arrested and charges are brought against you in a particular state, you will have to appear in court in that same state as the city. Of course, this can quickly become a very expensive and frustrating matter. The first thing anyone should do if they are arrested in a state they do not currently reside in is contacting a local criminal defense attorney. An attorney would be an expert in the local laws and can better assist you in navigating through any legal matters. In the state of Georgia, an attorney can represent and act on your behalf in court. This means that you do not have to be present for your court hearing, unless otherwise requested by a judge.

By hiring a local attorney, they are able to provide some monetary and stress relief by cutting down on travel costs. It is also important to note that the right attorney will be able to review all the details of your case, and sometimes, the fact that you are not a resident can be used in your defense. It is okay to have fun on trips with friends and family, but everywhere you go there are laws in place. Should you or anyone you know have a criminal case outside of their area, speak with a criminal defense attorney in the area the charge was obtained as soon as possible.